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Information to read

This pantry month of January we will be redoing registration. 

To register, the Vet MUST come in to register for 2020. Active Duty, Retired and 100% Disabled Spouses have their DoD cards so there is no issue there.  Failure to follow these directions will not be overlooked and it doesn't matter how far you drove to get here, you will be turned away.

 THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS, even if there were last year, there is NOT this year

  • You may not come in for your neighbor.
  • You may not add families living in your home that you took in out of the kindness of your heart.  They may be your family spiritually, but unless you claim them on your taxes, you are taking valuable food from Active Duty and Veteran families.  
  • If you are not in need,  you should be ashamed for taking food out of the mouths for those that are.
  • This is not a right because you served. 
  • Nothing in this pantry is 'free'. Someone paid for it to help those in need.  
  • To be late is to show absolutely no respect for our staff of volunteers and the other clients. If you are more than 10 minutes late you will have to wait for an opening to be available. 
  • This system sends you an email and a text reminding you of your appointment.  You will not be seen a day early as that is unfair to everyone else.  

Walk ins are NOT available.  Spots are limited on the amount of food we have to give out and the volunteers we have to help

As of right now, for personal and medical reasons with Kate, this month will be the last pantry month. We are in talks with another organization and several individuals to take over the charity and that's a great thing.  Keep your fingers crossed!  We will work together to ensure a smooth transition.

You may only book ONE PERSON PER TIME SLOT. If you book more than ONE your appointment will be deleted and that spot opens up for someone else.  I will NOT contact you. I don't have time to contact you.

The 1:30 appointments are listed in the blue box that says "Classes/Events".

When you get to the page after clicking this link, in order to make an appointment YOU HAVE TO CLICK ON THE BLUE OR WHITE BOX that either says "Appointments" or "Classes/Events".  If you can not understand, I'm sorry but I cannot help you any further than that.