As we work to help with Veterans and military personnel with food insecurity, your help is important now more than ever!  


In 2018, we distributed 24, 771 pounds (**$41,367.57!**) to 357 families in the mere 80 hours we were open!  

In 2019, 52,048 pounds (**$86,920!!!**) of food and essentials has gone out to 773 families in a short 130 hours!  FOR FREE!! 

As we run 100% on donations,  we can not do this without your support!

** The IRS says that each pound of food is worth $1.67 and this is what we have to claim on our taxes. **

Food For Veterans Inc

Run by Veterans, for Veterans (and Active Duty!)

We've been there. Struggling to make ends meet...wondering how to take care of our families.  Been there, done that, had to buy the t-shirt.
We are here for YOU.  No games. No politics. No religion. No pressure. No sales. No bull.

Days & Hours

Pantry day is the 3rd Friday & following Saturday of the month from 9-2 at the Santa Rosa Mall in Mary Esther, located by the Food Court. (BY APPOINTMENT) We'd love to meet you!  Come down, have some fresh coffee and a pastry. Meet a few of our volunteers who are here for YOU.   A personal shopper will  help you through the pantry and find what you need to help get you through the month.  

We are located at 300 Mary Esther Blvd, Unit 56, Mary Esther, FL 32569

All mail; Food For Vets, PO Box 6216, Navarre, FL 32566


"Adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character."  Food For Veterans is for members IN NEED and to take from those in need when you are not is Not integrity.